Newyork Pizza

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NewYork PiZZa is a renowned restaurant serving delicious Pizza, Burger, French Fry, and Smoothie. Made with best quality ingredients, every food item comes with an excellent taste. Located at Patpur Powerhouse More, it’s a destination for Pizza lovers.


Chicken Golden Delight

Double pepper barbecue Chicken, Golden Corn and Onions, Its true delight

Chicken NewYork Exotica

BBQ Chicken, Olive, Jalpeno, Corn Crunchy Onions, Crisp Capsicum and Juicy Tomatoes

Chicken Salami Lovers

Delicious minced Chicken Salami, Capcicum, Tomato with awesome Oregano

Chicken Supremo

Supreme combination of black olives, onion, Tomato capsicum, pepper barbecue chicken.

Chicken Tandoori Tikka (Spicy)

The wholesome flavour of tandoori masala with Chicken Tikka, Onion, Red Paprika & Mint Mayo

Classic Chicken Pizza

Mozzarella, Chicken, Mashroom with Delicious Itlian sauces

Double Cheese Margherita

A classic delight loaded with extra 100% real mozzarella cheese


Delightful combination of Grilled Mushroom, Onion, Capsicum, Tomato & Corn

Fresh Veggie

Combination of onion, capsicum & Italian Tomato Pizza Sauces

NewYork Exotica

Grilled Mushroom, Olive, Jalpeno, Corn Crunchy Onions, Crisp Capsicum and Juicy Tomatoes



B.B.Q Chicken Sandwich

BBQ Chicken, Latus, Onions Served with cheese & Fries

Chilli Mumbai Cheese Sandwich

Fresh Vegetable, Chef Special Sauces served with cheese & Fries.

French Fry



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